We are proud to announce that ECOncrete® US team members are WEDG certified! WEDG® (Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines), the gold standard for excellence in resilient, accessible, and ecologically sound waterfront design. WEDG is a program developed by the Waterfront Alliance.

The Waterfront Alliance, a New York City-based non-profit organization working to inspire and effect resilient, revitalized, and accessible coastlines for all communities, is improving public and private decision-making at the water’s edge in coastal regions across the nation through WEDG, the first science-based voluntary rating system and set of guidelines of its kind. ECOncrete’s ties to WEDG run deep, being partners in the development of Brooklyn Bridge Park; the first WEDG certified project, as well as being long time participants at the annual Waterfront Alliance conference.

Our US-based team has successfully completed the WEDG Professional Course which includes training in:

  • How WEDG standards can be applied to all types of waterfront projects
  • Using WEDG strategies to adapt waterfront projects from the risks of climate change from a multi-disciplinary approach.
  • Reinforce the value of planning communities with resilient, ecological, and accessible design
Balding man kneeling next to a tidepool on the coast, writing on a clipboard

Monitoring at the Brooklyn Bridge Park ECOncrete installation

As WEDG Associates, we are joining a growing community of innovators in the fields of waterfront planning, design, engineering, and community development about designing for a resilient 2050+.

Today, over 40% of the worldwide population lives in coastal regions, making it crucial to build responsible and sustainable infrastructure. We have been focused on this mission for 10 years to date, and we are honored to further our commitment through the WEDG certification.

More about WEDG here: https://wedg.waterfrontalliance.org/

See ECOncrete’s WEDG certified project: https://econcretetech.com/projects/brooklyn-public-park-renovation/

And in this case study post: https://econcretetech.com/blogcat/case-study-reconciling-urban-spaces-and-natural-habitats-at-brooklyn-bridge-park/


WEDG® and the related logo are trademarks owned by the Waterfront Alliance and are used with permission.


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