We welcome our latest innovation! Here’s a sneak preview of the CoastaLock: A fully structural interlocking ecological armor unit designed to provide water retaining features along constructed coastlines; replacing portions of the standard rock armor of ripraps, revetments and breakwaters. The concrete units are manufactured with our proprietary bio-enhancing admixture and unique surface designs to create an environmentally sensitive alternative to shoreline stabilization. 

The science based design which mimics natural rock pool formations,  increases the ability of marine species to thrive on the structure. The units help to compensate for the loss of natural intertidal habitats which has resulted from the construction of standard “grey” armor solutions by increasing biodiversity and biological productivity.  The units have also been designed to be multidirectional, being able to cater to a unique assemblage of species through the provision of shading when overturned. 

The approximately 3.5 tonne concrete units not only serve to improve the ecological value of traditional stone armoring, but act as gravity based units that provide shoreline stabilization and erosion control to constructed shorelines.  The units have been specifically developed so that they are able to be deployed on very steep (upto 1V:1H) sloping shorelines. The shape of the tide pools provide for interlocking between adjacent units which further improves stability when exposed to intense waves and currents. 

The first installation of the CoastaLock will be across two sites along Harbor Island in the Port of San Diego, CA. A total of 74 units will replace the existing riprap and continue to provide a fully structural solution.  For optimal performance, the units will be placed from mean high water (MHW) to mean low water (MLW) in order to promote biogenic buildup of calcium carbonate by organisms such as oysters, tube worms and barnacles which strengthen the structure and add to its stability and longevity. By harnessing biological processes to protect the structure (Bioprotection), ECOncrete technologies reduce the magnitude and frequency of structural maintenance, which translates into improved ecological stability, as well as a faster and higher ROI. 

The ECOncrete CoastaLock will be the eighth project which has been approved by Port’s Blue Economy Incubator, which assists in the creation, early development, and initial scaling of new Blue Economy business ventures along San Diego Bay.



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