How about greener walls? Living in the city means terrace houses, buildings next to each other and the landscape looks like concrete blocks, in essence “Urban sprawl”. This calls for innovative green solutions that reduce the ecological footprint of concrete based infrastructures such as buildings, retaining walls, and acoustic barriers. ECOncrete® has developed a Bio-Active concrete tile that doubles as a highly aesthetic decorative façade and as a bio-enhanced substrate supporting the growth of mosses, lichens, and climbing vegetation. Providing key ecological functions like increasing plant coverage and diversity, improving air quality and energy efficiency, and reducing both noise and urban heat pollution.    What is the difference between ECOncrete® Bio-Active tiles and regular concrete CLADDING?   There are three main differences:

  1. Concrete chemistry 
  2. Surface rugosity 
  3. 3D macro-complexity 

The Synergistic effect of bio enhancing chemical composition, increased surface rugosity, and science based 3D designs make the Bio-Active tiles significantly superior to standard Portland cement based concrete tiles commonly used as building façade. Not only do the tiles and planter units mimic features of natural surfaces they also enhance the wall’s ability to support high diversity of plants that require little or no soil. ECOncrete® ‘s unique Bio-Active Wall mix was tailored to keep the water accumulating on the concrete surface in appropriate conditions for biological development as opposed to water retained on standard concrete mix


In 2016, in cooperation with Leor Lovinger, Studio Urbanof,  the Bio-Active wall tiles and planter units were installed on a high end, mixed-use commercial/residential project in Tel Aviv called Lev Levontin. The south facing Bio-Active Wall is predominantly shaded, and supported by drip-based irrigation, using recycled water from air-conditioning, to the planters and along the entire wall top. Approximately a month after planting, the wall started developing noticeable plant coverage surrounding the planter units. As little as three months post planting, mosses started colonizing the wall, covering from a few centimeters up to over half a tile in certain cases . ~ “Around the wall there is always a sense of coolness. In summer it is very pleasant to be close the green wall which gives a sense of cool, clean air. Can be easy implemented and even easier to maintain, with no financial investment or special know how.” Zisi Pinchas (Planning Coordinator, Waxman Guvrin Geva Engineering Co. Ltd.)

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