Yesterday, the pioneering COSTAdapta 7-year LIFE project was officially launched in Gran Canaria, Spain, where ECOncrete provides expertise and technology for nature-inclusive coastal protection solutions in a consortium with partners from industry and academia.

The project addresses necessary adaptation to the coast of Gran Canaria to sea level-rise, applying an innovative and holistic strategy. A one of its kind tide pool-system will be designed and tested. We will share more details as the project evolves in the coming months.

With a duration of 7 years and a total budget of roughly 3.5 Mio Euros (subsidized by the EU through the LIFE Programme), this initiative focuses on strengthening the resilience of coastal areas to sea level rise while preserving their unique biodiversity.

“The collaboration of seven high-level partners gives us confidence that we can find innovative solutions to preserve our natural and economic environment. We are committed to working together to ensure a sustainable future for Gran Canaria,” the president of the Cabildo, Antonio Morales said.

By offering a solution to potential erosion and flooding, while also fostering the region’s tourist appeal, we aim to improve adaptation, preserve the coastal environment and contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future.

Partners of LIFE COSTAdapta project


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