Durable, aesthetic solutions bring life to any waterfront infrastructure

Livable Waterfronts
Reconnect communities to urban waters via thriving marine ecosystems growing directly on critical infrastructure.
scientific solutions
Scientific Solutions
Double biodiversity, dramatically improve water quality, and store CO₂ with a solution that is tried and tested at over 40 sites, globally.
Long-Term Savings
Leverage biology to protect from chemical and physical degradation, ensuring longer lifespans and less project maintenance costs.

Bring concrete to life

    Jason Rensberry
    “Working with ECOncrete, a true pioneer creating their own market niche, was exciting and rewarding. The key to our mutual success was focused, frequent and honest communication. It allowed us to successfully address the challenges facing us in a timely fashion."
    Jason Rensberry

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    BBP (1)

    Providing ecological benefits to a Brooklyn public park renovation

    SD port (1)

    Constructing Durable & Sustainable Infrastructure for the Port of San Diego


    Frequently asked questions

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    Marine life can grow on traditional concrete as well, why is ECOncrete different?
    Traditional infrastructures ignore the lifestyles of their marine neighbors with design features that lead to low-biodiversity, and a higher ratio of invasive species. ECOncrete’s technology redesigns these three features, building the foundation for resilient marine ecosystems.
    Is ECOncrete carbon neutral?
    ECOncrete’s admixture is 92% carbon neutral. Admix used in combination with slag cement and fly ash results in a carbon footprint that’s up to 70% lower than traditional mixes. After installation, calcitic organisms grow and absorb CO₂, storing 300 grams of CO₂ per m², per year.
    How does ECOncrete® increase reduce project maintenance?
    ECOncrete’s patented admix creates a crystalline structure that strengthens the concrete and seals it. Species like barnacles and corals encrust the concrete, creating a defensive layer that further buffers hydrodynamic and chemical forces and increases longevity of the unit.
    Can ECOncrete be applied to custom infrastructure designs or solutions?
    Whether you’re building a breakwater or a bridge base, if it’s in the ocean, ECOncrete’s technologies can be applied. Ports, offshore asset owners, and state parks have integrated ECOncrete’s technology into tailored solutions. Let’s talk about your project’s needs.