Dr. Ido Sella, the leader in responsible coastal infrastructure design, will present his unique insights at a session in this year’s American Society of Landscape Architects’ (ASLA) conference in San Francisco, California. He will share the latest on cutting edge designs at a coastal defense project from the Mediterranean Sea, the development of “Living Breakwaters” as part of the Rebuild by Design initiative, and an ecological enhancement project at the Brooklyn Bridge Park waterfront. The conference’s focus this year is climate change and design solutions, underscored by the selection of Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson as the keynote speaker. ECOncrete’s foundation has always been innovative design and ecological consideration, so we are thrilled to be leading this conversation at the conference.

The learning lab will explain key environmental issues related to the design of coastal and marine infrastructure, including shoreline and underwater landscapes, and suggest a new definition for “urban marine environments,” as a first step towards applying the term “urban ecology” to the marine realm. Ido will also present current approaches in sustainable management of urban marine structures from both temperate and tropical environments.

Learning Outcomes:
1) Key environmental issues related to the design of coastal shore and marine infrastructure, and how they impact natural resource conservation, the design of environmental systems and the management of marine ecosystems.
2) Define “urban marine environments,” and apply the term “urban ecology” to the marine realm.
3) Learn from case studies that present new approaches for sustainable management and design of urban marine structural systems.
4) Discuss innovative technologies for increasing the biological productivity and ecological value of coastal and marine infrastructure including methods, technology and applications.

Read more about marine urban ecology and why it is important here.


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