• ETERMAR/ECOncrete’s first pilot project in Portugal pioneers ‘blue’ Tetrapods at Port of Leixões
  • 40 tons ecologically enhanced coastal protection units now installed in the water
  • Unique solution fortifies the coast and benefits local marine biodiversity

Porto de Leixões – Matosinhos, Portugal – Successful deployment of the first ‘blue’ Tetrapods at the Port of Leixões in Portugal. ECOncrete is the ecological concrete solution provider while Etermar is the engineering and construction specialists in this pilot project.

Etermar S.A. used ECOncrete technology to take these classic concrete coastal protection units to the next level. As part of a pilot project, the 40-ton units are now installed in the water and will provide habitat enabling marine biodiversity development in the Port of Leixões.

Etermar integrated ECOncrete’s admixture, micro texture complexity, and macro surface design seamlessly into their on-site concrete production process. In line with Etermar’s values of adaptation and innovation, ECOncrete’s technology elevates their coastal infrastructure projects’ potential in mainland Portugal and its Autonomous Regions.

“This successful pilot project demonstrates the accessibility of implementing ECOncrete’s technology into any maritime concrete application”, says Ido Sella, ECOncrete co-founder and CEO. “Our technology enables any business and any marine construction project to easily become ‘blue’ and support a sustainable development approach to coastal resources”.

ECOncrete and ETERMAR’s pilot project is transforming coastal protection by implementing the only ecologically enhancing and structurally compliant concrete solutions available in a mission-critical net zero market.

About ECOncrete

Founded in 2012, ECOncrete is a fast growing international company supplying concrete technology to over 40 marine infrastructure projects all over the world. ECOncrete admixture chemically balances the composition of concrete to foster marine life. At the same time, micro texture and macro surface complexity creates spaces, inspired by natural habitats, for biodiverse organisms to settle and grow. ECOncrete, a science-based company with a multidisciplinary team of marine biologists, engineers, architects and designers, sets the standard for innovation in concrete performance and biological enhancement, and continues to develop strategic partnerships with world leaders in the construction industry.


Muriel Pineau
ECOncrete Chief Communications Officer