“The use of ecological concrete is essential for solving the problem of renewable energy.”

Climate change has never been more globally recognized than it is today. Concerted efforts to transfer to renewable energy have resulted in a nearly 30% growth in the offshore wind industry over the last 10 years. This growth represents a trend away from fossil fuels and towards meeting goals set by the recent COP26.

However, in an article published in “Energy Global” (Winter 2021), Dr. Ido Sella discusses an emerging problem: The gigantic offshore wind turbines require massive concrete foundations to remain upright and stable, which in turn can pose a serious threat to the marine ecosystem.

ECOncrete is a pioneering start-up delivering high-performance ecological concrete technology: “By incorporating ecological concrete, instead of ordinary concrete, for all anchoring and maintenance procedures, the renewables industry can significantly reduce its overall environmental impact.”

Renewable energy is a crucial factor to reduce carbon emissions, but we cannot do it at the cost of the marine ecosystem, otherwise we will only shift the problem, not solve it.

Click to read the full article in “Energy Global” Winter 2021 issue on page 48ff


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