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The Goal

Protecting the energy supply transmitted between Long Island and Connecticut while building-in environmental benefits.

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The Challenge

Since the 1970s, plans to connect the Connecticut and Long Island power grids could not gain regulatory approval due to impacts on the sensitive seabed environment. In 2003, the Cross Sound Cable was installed, but for energy utilities Eversouce and PSEG, protecting the Long Island seabed remained a critical factor when choosing cable armoring technology.

How we built it

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ECOncrete marine mattresses were installed in 2021 along a portion of the 24-mile electrical transmission cable. The mattresses provide 6,250 square-feet of cable coverage and growth points for native marine life like oysters and tubeworms. 

In 2023 an expansion of the project utilizing our ecological mattresses is underway in Long Island Sound.


Let’s bring your project to life

    Don Boudreau
    Eversource Vice President of Electric Field Operations
    “It’s critical to protect those cables to ensure the safe delivery of power and the health and wellbeing of the Sound.”

    Intertidal Ecosystems along an Urban Shoreline

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    Nearshore habitats for marine life and coastal birds during coastal construction

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    Marine Mattresses – Vineyard Wind, USA

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    Subsea Interconnector Cable Protection