The Goal

The application of the technology results in a healthy ecosystem developing on the concrete, also generating a layer of bio-protection, strengthening, and protecting the structure, and reducing maintenance.

The increased biodiversity also improves water quality and serves as a natural carbon sink, actively sequestering CO2 during the lifetime of the structure.


The Challenge

IGY Málaga Marina is looking to elevate the ecological profile of the new pier in the mega-yacht marina with bio-enhancing concrete technology.

How we built it:

malaga growth
IGY Marina Construction 1
Ocean Capital Partners Construction
Econcrete Constrcution Malaga

We seamlessly integrated our bio-enhancing concrete technology into the design and construction process of the 2x4x1m concrete blocks.

The admix mitigates the concrete negative impact and promotes colonization of the surface by diverse marine organisms, improving impermeability and increasing the lifespan of the structure.

The surface complexity of the concrete blocks is based on biological studies and biomimicry design principles. It is adapted to the local environment to support the natural development of local species while complying with coastal construction standards.

The applied technology meets international recognized concrete standards (i.e. EN, BS, ASTM and AS standards), and neither the manufacturing nor the installation requires modification of standard construction processes


Let’s bring your project to life

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