In this webinar, a panel of industry experts shed light on the renewable energy development process and accompanying environmental considerations. Watch the webinar to gain insights on environmental planning documents, developing monitoring measures and implementing best practices.


Andy Lipsky

Lipsky provided an overview of federal fisheries sciences and determining consistent practices for surveying and quantifying offshore wind science and strategy. He discussed how lead agencies are planning to provide guidance on how to mitigate impacts of offshore wind on fisheries scientific surveys

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Justin Krebs

Krebs highlighted the processes behind offshore wind development within the different project phases specifically related to the construction operation plans. He shared how environmental considerations come into play, and what mitigation and minimization criteria can be taken to protect trust resources.

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Carl LoBue

LoBue focused on the benefits in quantifying environmental monitoring. He discussed how we can can enhance different solutions and alternatives for offshore wind infrastructure and enhancement of marine resources during early planning and design to benefit nature as part of a project decision criteria.

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