On March 8th we started with the first episode of our Technical Webinar Series: Designing Resilient and Sustainable Coastal, Marine & Offshore Infrastructure – High-Profile Experts Discuss Best Practices.

In our first webinar of 2022, hosted by ECOncrete’s Dr. Andrew Rella, Heather Weitzner and Karin O’Brian, expert speakers shared their insights and experiences regarding design, implementation, and maintenance of resilient coastal protection. The presentations and discussion encompassed the social, recreational, and ecological aspects of design. We also discussed techniques for sustainable energy production through responsible offshore infrastructure development.

The discussion reinforced that a resilient and sustainable design is grounded in maintaining structural standards, understanding the function of the marine environment, and the benefits provided to society.

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Expert Speakers

Dr. Todd Bridges / US Army Corps of Engineers
Senior Research Scientist (ST), Environmental ScienceDr. Todd Bridges is a Senior Professional (ST) within the U.S. Army, where his responsibilities include leading research, development and environmental initiatives for the U.S. Army and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). He is the National Lead for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Engineering With Nature® (EWN®) Initiative, which includes a network of research, field-scale applications, collaborations, and communication activities to advance nature-based solutions.

Cole Roberts / ARUP
Americas Energy Business Leader
Cole Roberts leads Energy Business for Arup in North and South America. He is also the energy and sustainability team leader in Arup’s San Francisco office. Specializing in design, planning, and consultation in the new and existing built environment, Cole has contributed to hundreds of projects that are positively shaping the world. His work ranging from individual buildings to climate positive communities, from energy and climate policy to in-the-ground infrastructure, is recognized as unconventional, inspiring, and synergistic.

Joseph Sutkowi / Waterfront Alliance
Waterfront Design Associate Director
Joseph Sutkowi leads the WEDG® (Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines) program, the gold standard for resilient, accessible, and ecologically sound waterfront design. Joseph collaborates with project architects, engineers, and sponsors on waterfront projects and partners with agencies, financial institutions, and municipalities on incentives to encourage resilience. Previously, Joseph was a senior consultant at Karp Strategies, a New York City-based urban planning and economic development consulting firm where he led projects in infrastructure and sustainability.


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