ECOncrete is a finalist in the 2023 Ventus awards’ Supply Chain Advancement category. Oceantic Network’s industry award winners will be announced later this month in Boston.

ECOncrete ecological concrete technology enables nature-positive advancement within the existing supply chain of the Offshore Wind sector. By design, the technology allows local concrete and pre-casting companies to supply offshore wind projects with locally sourced and manufactured scour and cable protection solutions which are eco-engineered to enhance biodiversity (Case Studies and Selected Projects).

Our offshore solutions are an application of over 10 years of R&D in responsible marine construction. The ecological scour and cable protection solutions redefine offshore infrastructure design, combining innovative technology, ecological engineering, and a pivotal supply chain component – local manufacturing with locally sourced materials.

Ecological Integrity, Structural Performance and Localized Production

ECOncrete offshore cable and scour protection solutions integrate the company’s patented and proven ecological concrete technology. It includes a bio-enhancing admixture, surface complexity, and nature-inclusive design optimized for habitat creation and colonization for a wide range of organisms. ECOncrete solutions enable offshore wind developers to create biodiversity enhancement opportunities, and ultimately build nature-positive offshore infrastructure (technology overview and select US projects).

Closeup of ECOncrete tailored cable protection solution to restore biodiversity. Case Study Interconnector Project, Red Electrica, Spain. 10 months after deployment

Increasingly, offshore wind farms require the integration of nature-inclusive design (NID) solutions to mitigate and manage the ecological impact of offshore infrastructures, and to create opportunities to support, enhance, and restore marine biodiversity. In response, offshore developers and contractors are seeking new materials and innovative technologies to design and deploy alternative solutions to current industry standards.

ECOncrete’s approach, to leverage offshore infrastructure to promote and enhance marine biodiversity at scale, represents a shift in design paradigm. Compared to more localized measures such as add-ons that are often not a core part of the offshore infrastructure, this shift is driving innovation with the goal to increase the ecological value of offshore wind farm infrastructures and upscale desired ecological effects.

Locally Sourced Ecological Scour & Cable Protection

ECOncrete eco-engineering solutions for scour and cable protection unlock new opportunities for offshore developers to adapt their design and integrate biodiversity enhancements as an integral part of the construction of offshore infrastructure assets. At the same time, these solutions unlock new supply chain advancement opportunities to support local manufacturing as in Marine Mattresses in use in various projects.

We are thrilled to see our advances and work recognized in this way, and are looking forward to the Boston event!


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