One of our most visible projects in 2022 will be the EU-funded Living Ports project in Vigo (Spain) where ECOncrete leads a consortium developing, installing and monitoring next-generation port infrastructure with eco-friendly concrete.

The construction at the Port of Vigo is scheduled to last pretty much all of 2022, including the casting of the concrete elements and installation. We will keep you up to date with visuals and background information in our blog, in our social media-feeds, and with our dedicated website.

Pioneering Work For Marine Infrastructure At The Port of Vigo

In alignment with the EU Green Deal, Marine Directive, and Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, de-risking and scaling of environmentally-sensitive industrialization projects is an urgent priority. The Living Ports project is designed to catalyze a fundamental change in the coastal and marine  infrastructure industry’s operations, by shifting away from obsolete “grey” construction and towards nature-inclusive infrastructure with structural,  environmental, and socio-economic co-benefits.

ECOncrete Leading “Living Ports” Consortium

The consortium under the lead of ECOncrete won funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 funds. It is built of four partners from three countries:

  • ECOncrete, the project coordinator, technology provider for ecological coastal and marine infrastructure solutions.
  • Port of Vigo, one of Europe’s busiest and greenest ports.
  • Cardama Shipyard, a Spanish shipbuilding and ship repair company.
  • Technical University  of Denmark (DTU) Civil Engineering and Aquatic Resources Institutes.


Living Ports Steering Committee Meeting in Port of Vigo (Spain)

Two Large-Scale Demonstration Sites At Port Of Vigo

Site 1) – ECOncrete Seawalls of 330 m² or 3,600 sqft – that will quickly develop into a lively ecosystem – with an underwater monitoring and community outreach deck developed by Cardama Shipyard, attracting visitors from near and far building awareness and demonstrating to the community that “blue change” is possible.

Site 2) – 100 ECOncrete Coastalock units provide coastal stabilization as well as habitat creation and ecological uplift in the port.

During the three-year project (2021- 2024), biological, structural and first of a kind noise pollution reduction monitoring will be conducted between the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and ECOncrete.

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ECOncrete Seawall element

Coastalock units deployed in San Diego (USA)