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The Goal

Incorporating natural habitat into Brooklyn Bridge Park’s infrastructure to offer more environmental and public benefits.

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The Challenge

Built in the heart of densely urban Brooklyn, the Park Corporation works to continuously provide more environmental services and opportunities to engage with the waterfront. In keeping with their holistic environmental approach, the Park Corporation sought out ecological infrastructure for rocky riprap and pier piles during renovations to Pier 4 and Pier 6.

How we built it

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ECOncrete® collaborated with the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation to install nature-inclusive infrastructure at Piers 4 and 6, significantly easing the project’s environmental mitigation and permitting needs. At Pier 4, ECOncrete coastal armor units, which mimic natural rock pools, were installed to provide shoreline stabilization, a wider tidal zone habitat, and an opportunity for public engagement with local marine life. At Pier 6, ECOncrete pile jackets provide critical structural support while dramatically improving conditions for marine life. Periodic monitoring revealed high biodiversity, a resurgence of native species, and sound pile jacket concrete following a Level II inspection by CH2MHILL engineers. 


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