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The Goal

Monaco’s Government and Department of the Environment were seeking a solution to preserve and restore marine biodiversity along urban waterfronts.


The Challenge

As ports work to meet the demands of our era and incorporate sustainability into operations, integrated solutions are critical: infrastructure must offer structural functionality and environmental benefits, yet rock riprap or traditional cement provide limited ecological value.

How we built it:

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ECOncrete and the Monaco Department of the Environment worked together to install a set of coastal armor units along the Port’s rocky riprap. The coastal armor units add structural support to the riprap, while creating an intertidal habitat that’s absent from traditional rubble mound revetments and breakwaters. Initial monitoring results show significant ecological differences between ECOncrete technologies and control rock plots, including multiple invertebrate, fish, and algae species.


Let’s bring your project to life

    Marie-Pierre Gramaglia monaco.jfif
    Marie-Pierre Gramaglia
    Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development
    “In recent years, the Government, working with the Department of the Environment, has launched several environmental restoration projects. These form part of a comprehensive approach that seeks to enhance the natural environment within the city. This initiative continues today with the installation of these tide pools, which will promote the growth of plants, animals and microorganisms,”

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