Why choose ECOncrete:

ECOncrete®‘s solutions seamlessly integrate into any concrete batching and casting systems, offering ecological and carbon-storage benefits while meeting or exceeding construction industry standards. Allowing you to meet client demands as well as regulatory requirements.

Protect assets & communities
Build to Standard
Deploy an environmentally-sound solution that complies with UK, US, EU, and AS construction standards and project-specific tests.
Meet climate and Environment goals
Exceed Expectations
Provide engineering design which facilitates permitting and mitigation requirements.
Create opportunities for public access
Same Process. Different Results.
Match standard manufacturing processes, casting systems, and manhours with a solution that supports the renewal of marine ecosystems.

Bring concrete to life


    ECOncrete is a partner in responsible construction

    Ecological engineering experts support you throughout all stages

    Consulting for design-phases@2x
    Supplying project-specific solutions@2x
    Guiding and supervising solution installations@2x
    Monitoring performance post-installation@2x

    Explore responsible marine construction

    shark river (1)

    Stabilizing a highly eroded shoreline for a seafront community

    BBP (1)

    Providing ecological benefits to a Brooklyn public park renovation


    Frequently asked questions

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    With which standards does ECOncrete comply?
    ECOncrete solutions comply with international constructive standards required for concrete mixing, including: SI 89; EN 934-1 2008; EN 934-2: 2009 + A1: 2012; ASTM C494 / C494M; AS 1478.1-2000 (R2018).
    How does ECOncrete’s admix affect compressive strength?
    ECOncrete’s admix can increase compressive strength of concrete by up to 10%. It creates a crystalline structure that strengthens concrete, with biology adding an extra defensive layer.
    How are units transported to site?
    ECOncrete’s technology integrates seamlessly with construction, sans limitations. ECOncrete can be cast on-site, or precast and shipped to site much like any other concrete technology.
    What language do I use to specify ECOncrete in a tender?
    For suggested language see our full FAQ page, or better yet, talk to us and an ECOncrete engineer can provide more detailed specifications.